Agritel’s Guide To Packaging for Moving House or Office

If you’re moving home or office this year and would like some help on what you need to keep your possessions safe during the move, here’s a quick guide for you!


are great for your small possessions. We recommend a double-walled box, twice the thickness of a standard box so it can hold even your heavier items.  Choose from a wide range of box sizes: the most popular is 762 x 457 x 457mm product code IND0341.



It’s essential to hold the box together! There are many different types of tape but the best choice for securing your boxes of valuables is 48mm x 66m clear hotmelt product code IND009.

If your box holds something breakable then why not buy a roll of FRAGILE tape? Everyone involved with your move will know that they need to take extra care! The product code is IND012.


makes it easy for you to apply the tape to the boxes. No need to use a knife or scissors to cut the tape, and you won’t keep losing the end! Product code is IND0041.



is great to for you to use to protect all your breakables against damage. Available in various widths: for small items, we recommend you use 300mm x 100m product code SANS007-1.

If you need to wrap bigger items, try a 600mm or 750mm wide roll. And for extra cushioning, we recommend wrap with large – 20mm diameter – bubbles.



Just like bubblewrap, foamwrap is great for you to use on your breakables, and is especially good for heavier items. It’s also useful as a layer pad to prevent surface damage.  Foamwrap can also be used to fill out your box that is not completely full to stop the contents moving within the box.


Hand Stretchwrap & Handy Wrap Rolls


If you want to protect your bulky items during transit, you can wrap them in stretch film. Handy wrap is great for long, narrow items (eg. rolled-up rugs) – try product code IND3752.

Wider hand stretchwrap is ideal for covering bigger items such as settees and helps keep out dust and damp. We recommend product code IND309 – 400mm wide and 14mu thick.


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If you are unsure of what you need or would rather speak to someone in person
then call our office team who can help you make the right choice for packaging your possessions.