Sealing & Securing

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  1. seals and buckles, strapping seals, sealing and securing
    Strapping Seals
    As low as £11.87
  2. Strapping trolley, polypropylene strapping
    Strapping Trolley
  3. Strap Probe
    Strap Probe
  4. stickfast glue guns, hotmelt glue
    Stickfast Glue Guns
    As low as £25.20
  5. hotmelt glue sticks, stickfast glue, sealing and securing
    Stickfast Hotmelt Glue Sticks
    As low as £40.37
  6. machine strapping,, polypropylene strapping, sealing and securing
    Machine Strapping
    As low as £30.92
  7. Strapping Buckles, hand strapping, sealing and securing
    Strapping Buckles
    As low as £16.49
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Keep your goods in their place!

We have all that you need to ensure that your products are retained securely in place, be it on pallets, in boxes, in bags or in bundles.

Strapping - either polypropylene or polyester - is ideal for securing heavy or irregularly-shaped items to pallets and is also great for bundling. For glue-based sealing, market-leading Stickfast hotmelt adhesive is available in four different formulations to cover just about any application. Finally, our traditional wire ties provide a reusable means of sealing bags and sacks.

We also stock the tools and accessories - including Stickfast glue guns - that you'll need to secure your goods safely and effectively.

For carton-sealing tape, see our 'Tape' category.