Bubble Wrap

Lovely bubbly! Top-quality AirCap bubblewrap manufactured in the UK by Sealed Air.
A variety of widths available in small (10mm) or large (20mm) bubble, to suit just about every application. Tears neatly across the width; use only what you need!
Sealed Air’s unique AirCap barrier film technology prevents air leaking out of the bubbles, providing reliable long-term cushioning.
AirCap bubble wrap is reusable and recyclable (LDPE).
Important – please note! Due to carrier restrictions, we limit the quantity of bubblewrap that can be shipped in a single consignment to a total of four packs. If you require larger quantities of bubblewrap, please call 01691 671496 or email shop@agritel.co.uk for advice.
Bubblewrap is priced and sold per pack.

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