Waste Balers

Waste Balers

Crush the cost of waste disposal with an Ag-mac waste baler!

Ag-mac vertical balers crush material such as cardboard and plastic into dense bales, reducing volume by as much as 90%. Compared to loose material, the compact bales are much cheaper to handle, store and transport to the disposal point. What's more, recyclers are happy to accept baled waste and pay the market rate for clean, segregated cardboard and plastic.

Ag-mac waste balers come in a range of sizes, covering a variety of applications: a baler for every business! The range includes specialised machines to solve the problems of processing more challenging waste material.

All our waste balers, cardboard balers and plastic balers are hydraulically operated, robustly engineered and simple to use. They can be sited outdoors, but we recommend that they are used under cover for operator comfort and to maximise the life of the machine. 

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