If you do a lot of selling online and want to know how to package your goods so that they reach your customer safely, here is a quick guide for you!

As the first physical touchpoint a customer has with your brand, eCommerce packaging plays a key role when it comes to first impressions and encouraging repeat sales. There’s nothing worse than an item arriving damaged because the packaging wasn’t suitable, so it's important to make sure that appropriate packaging is used that protects the goods inside, especially if they are fragile. In this guide, we shine a spotlight on useful eCommerce packaging products that will help streamline your order management process:

Mailing Bags

Polythene Mailing Bags (click the link to open in a new window) are a quick and cheap way of packing items such as clothing, soft toys and magazines. The peel and seal strip makes them easy to close and the opaque grey film protects the contents from prying eyes.

Bubble Mailers and Bags

If what you're sending out is susceptible to damage then cushion it by using Bubble Mailers or Bubble Bags. Quick and easy to use, they're great for books, print cartridges, jewellery and innumerable small items. The bubble will protect your product from bumps on its journey to your customer.

Bubble and Foam Wrap

Perfect for goods which are an unusual shape, for cushioning sharp edges, or as void-fill. Standard 10mm Bubble Wrap is good for most products but for more fragile items we recommend using large (20mm) Bubble or Foam Wrap. Foam is a higher density material that resists compression; as well as wrapping, it is ideal for use as a layer-pad to prevent surface damage.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes come in variety of sizes and strengths for items that are too big, awkwardly shaped or fragile for mailing bags. Double wall cardboard boxes provide twice the thickness for extra protection and can hold more weight. Vari-depth boxes are creased at different heights so that you can fold them down easily if the box is not completely full.

Packing Tape

We stock a huge variety of tape to suit just about every packaging application!


For securing bubble wrap we recommend Acrylic Tape: use product code IND0091 for clear and IND00912 for buff. To make up and  secure your boxes, we recommend Hotmelt Tape, which is more effective than acrylic on cardboard that contains recycled material.

If your box holds something breakable then why not try FRAGILE tape? Let the carrier know that your item needs extra care! Use product code IND012.

Labels and Document Enclosed Envelopes

Whether you provide your customer with a delivery note or simply apply an address label, we stock all the packaging products that you will ever need here at Agritel. The Labels come in various sizes and work reliably with both inkjet and laser printers. The Document Enclosed Envelopes keep the delivery note or invoice securely in place, ensuring that the paperwork arrives safe and dry along with the goods!


If your parcel is urgent or shouldn't be opened with a sharp knife, we recommend that you let people know with one of our eye-catching labels! Use product code IND0156 for URGENT and IND0158 for DO NOT USE SHARPS - OPEN WITH CARE.

We hope that you've found this quick guide useful. If you have require any further advice to help you package goods for safe, successful shipping, give us a call: we're always happy to help!