CV Rollers, a manufacturer of high quality roller assemblies based in Oswestry Shropshire, have made large savings after installing an Ag-Mag V75 Multi-Chamber baler purchased from Agritel.

CV Rollers manufacture high quality assemblies primarily using plastic bearings, injection moulding and CNC machining, as such, they produce a large waste stream comprised of both

plastic and cardboard. Having looked at their current method of disposal of placing the loose cardboard and plastic into skips and large bags, it was clear that savings could be made from installing a baler. The multi-chamber allows for loading of one chamber whilst baling in the other; perfect for sites with large amounts of cardboard and plastic waste.

[caption id="attachment_893" align="alignnone" width="300"]Waste baler waste management V75 Multi-chamber Waste Baler at CV Rollers[/caption]

The machine creates neat, space saving bales that are easy to move with a lifting trolley included with purchase. By using the baler to compact their waste, they were able to maximise the space utilisation in their skip meaning less frequent collections. “We estimate our collection costs have been reduced by 40% since installing the baler and have calculated a payback period on the machine of 14 months” said Colin Derbyshire, Managing Director. It has also enabled better use of their labour, as before waste would have to be loaded onto their own vehicle and taken to the local recycling company,  a hugely protracted process. “We used to have two employees who would load up our vehicle with loose, waste cardboard and plastic, which was extremely time consuming, we think the baler has saved four hours of employee time wasted on taking waste to the recyclers”.

This is a great example of how, through consultation, the perfect solution can be found to streamline a business’ waste management system and show real cost savings.

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