Agritel is the only UK distributor for Tencate Toptex® crop protection fabric.

Innovative crop protective fabric for straw or hay bales and cereals.
Toptex - manufactured by TenCate - is a strong but light agricultural packaging fabric for covering stacks of baled crops in the field or grain in storage. Its excellent water-shedding properties, combined with air and vapour permeability, keep crops dry while allowing them to breathe, preventing the build-up of condensation. Toptex crop protection sheeting offers a simple and highly cost-effective means of storing baled hay or straw: no need to bring bales indoors!
Toptex fabric is 100% UV stabilised, with a minimum life expectancy of three years. It has high tensile strength and tear-resistance to withstand strong winds, and dries quickly - even after heavy rain - making it ideal for the challenges of the UK's variable climate.

Demonstration Video available here

For optimum performance, it should be applied to a 'roofed' stack of bales with a minimum slope of 45 degrees.
Toptex fixing pins are recommended for securing the sheet.

In stock from March 2018

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Sizes and Prices:

  • 9.8m x 12.5m     - £153.50
  • 12m x 25m          - £375.00

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