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Blue Prestretched Handwrap £2.00

Blue Tint Hi-Performance Hand Stretchwrap
400mm x 600m x 7mu Ext
Pre-stretched pallet wrap for light to medium-weight loads
List Price £4.45
Offer Price £3.75 each




Black Handirolls

Black Handy Wrap
100mm x 300m x 17mu
Opaque black stretchwrap for wrapping and bundling
List Price £1.90
Offer Price £1.00 each




24mm Crossweave TapeFilament Reinforced Crossweave Tape
25mm x 50m
Extra-strong tape for heavy-duty packing applications
List Price £2.00
Offer Price £1.85 each




Blue Coated Wire TieWire Ties with Blue Plastic Coating
150mm long with looped ends
Ideal for securing potato sacks and lots of other things!
List Price £11.30
Offer Price £10.95 per pack of 1000




Yellow Vinyl Tape 25mm x 66mColoured Tape 25mm x 66m
Top quality vinyl tape with solvent adhesive
Available in black, yellow or white
List Price £1.05
Offer Price 70p each




Polythene SheetClear Polythene Sheet
Highly versatile - ideal for covering, protection, lining etc
500mm x 800m 60mu or
550mm x 715m 60mu
Offer Price £29.95 per roll




Prices subject to VAT; valid until 30th June 2017, subject to availability.