This month we’re shining the spotlight on handy rolls, those small but aptly-named reels of stretch film that really should be more widely celebrated.

[caption id="attachment_422" align="alignleft" width="300"]Black Handirolls Black Handy Wrap 100mm x 300m x 17mu – only £1.00 per roll[/caption]

Where standard hand stretchwrap rolls come in 400mm or even 500mm widths, handy wrap is just 100mm wide, making it ideal for fiddly little jobs that would simply be too awkward for full-width film.  For example, it’s great for wrapping parcels and perfect for long, narrow items such as rolls of carpet. We find it especially useful for bundling and collating: it is stretchy enough to pull things together securely but – unlike adhesive tape – can be easily removed without causing damage.

Our handy rolls are 300m long, twice the length of many competitor products but still light enough to use with ease. They have a single-sided extended core to aid application but, to obtain maximum stretch, many people opt to use an applicator handle.

To cover all options, we stock two handy roll specifications: 20mu clear film and 17mu black.  The clear film is our best-seller and the black – a more unusual product which gives excellent opacity – is becoming increasingly popular for applications where confidentiality is desirable.

Finally, when their job is done, handy rolls are fully recyclable: the film as LLDPE, and the cores as cardboard.

So, handy rolls are highly versatile, easy to use and available in a choice of black or clear recyclable film; every business should have some! To encourage more of our customers to try handy wrap, we’re offering an extra-special price in June of £1.00 per roll for black film.

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Black Handy Wrap 100mm x 300m x 17mu – only £1.00 per roll

Minimum order quantity 11 rolls; price subject to VAT and valid until 30.06.17 subject to availability.