Emptying commercial wheelie bins is expensive and bin-day comes round all too often!

Ag-mac Bin PressThe Ag-mac BP11 Bin Press can make a difference by packing waste down to one third of its original volume, reducing the frequency of emptying and dramatically cutting costs.

1100-litre bins are rarely used to capacity: they may look full but, almost invariably, there is plenty of not-so-fresh air within the rubbish. By squashing the contents with a Bin compactor, up to three times as much waste can be squeezed into a fully-utilised bin. Frequency of uplift or the number of bins (or both) can be reduced, generating attractive savings in cost and space. Rubbish has never looked so good!

Most waste carriers charge per uplift, so reducing the number of lifts pushes costs down. One Bin Press customer, Whitby’s fish and chip shop in Rotherham, reported a 45% reduction in disposal costs and estimated that the Bin Press would pay for itself in just over a year.

The Bin Press is suitable for general waste – ideal not only for fast-food outlets but residential developments, care homes, pubs and restaurants – and for recyclable material such as plastic film, cardboard and paper. It is designed with safety in mind: two-handed operation eliminates the risk of injury to the user. And if there are any concerns about unauthorised personnel using the press – for example, in a school - it can be supplied with a locking system.

One recent customer, Assembly Festival Ltd, has the daunting task of handling the rubbish generated by thousands of festival-goers at the Edinburgh Fringe, and last year installed a Bin Compactor to help tackle the problem.  The machine was declared a financial success, reducing the number of pick-ups, but also saved time by eliminating the build-up of excess waste that had occurred in the past. Operations director Nik Whybrew commented: “we were very impressed with the press; it was definitely a good purchase for us and fulfilled our requirements exactly as needed.”

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