Although we can justifiably claim to be passionate about packaging, we have to admit that it’s a struggle to get excited about plain old polythene! Despite its lack of glamour, polythene is undeniably versatile so we thought it was time to put it under the spotlight and showcase some of its many roles in packaging.

Lay-flat Tubing

Create made-to-measure bags from clear polythene tube on a roll! Cut to whatever length you need and close with a heat sealer (or simply fold and tape in place). Available in widths from 25mm to 1200mm, it’s ideal for long, narrow items requiring a close-fitting protective sleeve.

Popular for packing – and displaying - products such as tubular steel chair-legs, carbon-fibre mudguards, rolls of fabric and hardwood doors.



Pallet Shrink Film

An alternative to stretchwrap for protecting and stabilising palletised goods, polythene shrink film is especially useful for heavy or irregularly-shaped loads that have been secured with strapping.  Drape the film over the pallet, cut to length and shrink into place with a hand-held heat gun.

Ideal for palletising batteries, fabricated metal products, timber building components and similar heavy goods.



Pallet Hoods

Pallet HoodPolythene shrink film ingeniously converted into generous gusseted bags, supplied on space-saving rolls. Tear off the bag, drop it over the stacked pallet and apply heat to shrink! Our pallet hoods are sized to fit comfortably over a standard pallet up to 1600mm tall.

Can also be used – and re-used – without shrinking to protect palletised goods from dirt and moisture during storage and handling.



Good to Know

Waste baler for plastic & cardboardAll our polythene products are recyclable (LDPE).

If you find that you’re accumulating a mountain of waste packaging – whether plastic or cardboard – from incoming goods, you may like to know that we also sell baling machines to support efficient recycling. Click here to find out more...

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