Most peoplPallet Wrappere would agree that wrapping pallets by hand isn’t much fun: it’s time-consuming, tiring and can be costly. But there is a better way! Any company shipping more than a few pallets each day would benefit from installing a pallet wrapper, and see tangible payback surprisingly quickly.

Cost saving

IMachine Stretchwrapt can cost significantly less to wrap each pallet by machine than by hand. Firstly, machine stretchwrap is cheaper per kilo than hand wrap, simply because there are fewer steps in the manufacturing process. Secondly, if the pallet wrapper is adjusted correctly, film will be applied consistently at optimal stretch – difficult to achieve by hand - for maximum yield.

Our trials have shown that the cost of wrapping each pallet can be cut by as much as 60% by switching from hand to machine wrapping.

Improving productivity

One of the joys of a pallet wrapper is that it wraps consistently well. The presentation and stability of the finished pallet is improved, enhancing its chances of surviving the freight network and reaching the customer in good condition. The pallet wrapper doesn’t get tired, so every pallet is wrapped to the same high standard.

And, of course, it’s so much easier! Health and safety issues are reduced, the time required to wrap each pallet is reduced, and productivity is increased.  What’s more, people like using a pallet wrapper: one of our customers reported that - rather than shying away from wrapping pallets - staff were stepping forward to give it a whirl!

See for yourself

How would a palletwrapper benefit your business? You can find out by booking a week’s no-obligation trial of a Siat F1-16M semi-automatic pallet wrapper. We will install the machine, train your operators and carry out a wrapping trial with a selection of stretchfilms to find out which will be most cost-effective for you. The results of the trial will also demonstrate how much you could save by switching to machine wrapping.

So, even if you’re not shipping huge numbers of pallets, take a moment to consider how a pallet wrapper could save money, improve efficiency and boost staff morale!

Contact us to find out more.