Kerax Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer, blender and supplier of wax products, faced a space shortage at its Redditch ‘Kerax Hyperdrive’ lubricants manufacturing site. Mounting numbers of empty 205-litre drums were accumulating in the yard: even when palletised and stacked, 400 drums occupied more than 400 square feet of valuable space.

[caption id="attachment_598" align="alignleft" width="276"]Ag-mac Drum Crusher Steve Selby putting the Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher through its paces[/caption]

Chris Bradley, Managing Director at Kerax, felt that the answer was to crush the drums so that they could be stacked more efficiently while awaiting disposal. He looked at prices for long-term rental of a drum crusher but, as he explains: “they seemed very expensive, so I searched Google and found Agritel. When I phoned they seemed to know what they were talking about; they quoted me a price to buy a drum crusher and told me that if I wasn’t totally happy with the machine they’d take it back and refund my money!

“I’m pleased to say that the machine does exactly what they said it would.”

Kerax took delivery of the Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher in December and it has already made a huge difference. Operative Steve Selby (pictured) commented: “Installing Agritel’s Drum Crusher has allowed us to clear the backlog and we can now store the same number of barrels in only 75 square feet!”

The Ag-mac DC10 crushes 205-litre (45 gallon) drums down to approximately one-sixth of their original height. Drums are compressed neatly within their original footprint, so that they can be easily – and safely – stacked or palletised ready for disposal.

Agritel’s Managing Director, John Duffus, said: “We’re delighted that our Drum Crusher is fulfilling Kerax’s objective of freeing-up yard space. Many customers are motivated to buy a crusher because fewer waste collections yield big savings, but the installation at Kerax demonstrates the operational benefits that also come with the machine.”

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