Polythene bags are undeniably useful, but it’s very difficult to get excited about them!

In a bid to spice up the polybag aisle of our online shop, we’ve identified a selection of products with limited remaining stock which we’re now offering in smaller-than-usual pack sizes at reduced prices.

Our list includes plain clear poly bags, grip-seal resealable pouches and opaque grey mailing sacks with peel and seal closure:

Clear Poly Bags - plain bags with good clarity; highly versatile!
IND03975-1 200mm x 300mm x 50mu £1.45 (100 Pack)
IND0251-1 250mm x 300mm x 50mu £1.80 (100 Pack)
IND0252-15 250mm x 375mm x 30mu £1.90 (150 Pack)
IND025-05 250mm x 375mm x 125mu £2.80 (50 Pack)
IND0052-1 300mm x 300mm x 90mu £1.80 (50 Pack)
IND0255-1 300mm x 375mm x 30mu £1.65 (100 Pack)
IND0399-05 450mm x 600mm x 125mu £7.60 (50 Pack)
IND020-05 500mm x 750mm x 62.5mu £5.40 (50 Pack)
IND0203-05 500mm x 750mm x 125mu £11.20 (50 Pack)
IND03967-05 900mm x 1200mm x 50mu £13.45 (50 Pack)

Gripseal Bags - clear polythene pouches with resealable closure

IND0231-1 100mm x 137mm x 40mu £0.75 (100 Pack)
IND0233-1 228mm x 330mm x 45mu (A4) £2.85 (100 Pack)

Grey Poly Mailers - strong, opaque mailing bags with peel and seal flap

IND03987-05 325mm x 475mm x 55mu £4.30 (50 Pack)


We’ll keep an eye on stock levels and update the ‘handy pack’ offers from time to time, so follow the link to Agritel Online, bookmark the page and call back regularly to see what’s available!

Useful to know: all our polybags are recyclable (LDPE).