Here are our special offers for January. If you like what you see, order now: we have limited stock at these prices!

Solvent Tape
General-purpose Clear Tape
24mm x 66m with solvent adhesive
Works well even in colder conditions!
List Price 45p
Offer Price 35p





Corded Polyester Bale Strapping
9mm x 250m 285kg breaking strain
Ideal for tying-off baled waste and for general bundling/strapping
List Price £8.65
Offer Price £6.15





Blue Prestretched Handwrap £2.00High-performance Hand Stretchwrap (Blue Tint)
400mm x 600m x 7mu extended core
Pre-stretched film - goes a very long way!
List Price £4.45
Offer Price £3.25





7200 Twine for Big Square Balers
7200 feet (2200m) per pack of 2 reels
Reel dimensions: 27cm diameter x 32cm high
List Price £35.30
Offer Price £33.55 





A4 Document Wallets
318mm x 225mm 500 per box
Easy to apply, keeps the paperwork visible but secure
List Price £23.60
Offer Price £16.95





Black Plastic Carrier Black Polythene Carrier Bag
375mm x 450mm + 75mm base x 45mu (100 per pack)
Smart, strong carriers with reinforced (90mu) handle
List Price £7.20
Offer Price £6.50





Prices subject to VAT; valid until 31st January 2017, subject to availability.