Ag-mac balers and crushers make a molehill out of a mountain of waste, dramatically reducing the cost of disposal. 

All our machines are manufactured in Europe; they're designed and built for long-term reliable performance with minimal  maintenance. Like most things European, however, the cost of importing them is rising and manufacturers have announced price increases for 2017. But we're holding back! To see in the New Year, we're offering free delivery and fixing our prices at 2016 levels until the end of January!

So, invest in a baler or crusher this month and you'll get the year off to a flying start with savings on the cost of waste disposal from day one, giving rapid payback of your investment.

Waste Balers
BalerAg-mac balers produce neat, compact bales that are cost-effective to store, handle and transport. They are ideal for waste cardboard and plastic film; we also have customers baling material such as plastic containers, carpet off-cuts and clothing. Select from a range of sizes according to the type and volume of waste that you produce.

We also have multi-chamber balers for concurrent baling of different materials, heavy-duty machines that can handle tyres and car bumpers, and a plastic drinks bottle baler.

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It's a simple principle: pay to transport waste, not fresh air! Ag-mac crushers deliver a compaction ratio of up to 6:1, dramatically reducing the volume of waste material and thus optimising skip or bin utilisation.  Fewer bin uplifts mean big savings!

We have crushers for:

  • Metal drums (205 litre/45 gallon)
  • Oil filters (car, commercial, HGV, plant etc)
  • Cans (up to 30 litre)
  • Glass bottles

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Bin Press 
Mac-Fab Bin PressMake most of your wheelie bins! An Ag-mac Bin Press crushes waste within an 1100-litre bin, enabling you to put up to three times more rubbish in and reducing your bin uplifts by as much as 66%! Ideal for fast food outlets, kitchens and any establishment producing high volumes of non-segregated waste.

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There's never been a better time to start crushing!

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