We have an extensive range of packaging to ensure all your postal and packaging needs over this year's festive period are covered.
All shipped with next-day delivery* as standard.

And we have some amazing prices that you really shouldn't miss!

Merrt Christmas Tape £1.65/roll

Merry Christmas Tape £1.65/roll
48mm x 66m PP/Hotmelt

Add a splash of festive cheer to your parcels!




Fragile Tpe 95p/roll

Fragile Tape 95p/roll
48mm x 66m PP/Acrylic
'Glass Handle With Care' also available

Encourage the carrier to take care of your goods!  




Strung Tag & Paper Bags

Strung Tags £2.95/100 tags
120 x 60mm
Kraft Paper Bags £1.95/25 bags 
(250) x 380 x 300mm 80gsm

Fashionably old-fashioned packaging




Blue & White Tissue Paper

Blue Tissue Paper £6.60/ream - While stock lasts!
450 x 700mm 18gsm
White Tissue Paper £4.95/reamWhile stock lasts!
450 x 700mm 18gsm

Traditional but effective, cushions and protects




Bubble Pouches BB4 £21.35/Box

Bubble Pouches BB4 £21.35/boxWhile stock lasts!

230 x 280mm (300/box)

Clear bubble protection with self-sealing flap






MailLite Bubble-lined Envelopes
B/00 £7.60
 (100/Box)   E/2 £11.25 (100/Box)    H/5 £9.65 (50/Box)
C/0 £7.70 (100/Box)     F/3 £7.75 (50/Box)          J/6 £13.45 (50/Box)
D/1 £9.70 (100/Box)     G/4 £8.20 (50/Box)        K/7 £15.60 (50/Box) 

Versatile, quick and easy to use: just select the size you need!



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