Back in June, we supplied an Ag-mac BP11 Bin Press to Assembly Festival Ltd, the longest-running multi venue operator at the Edinburgh Fringe.  With hundreds of thousands of festival-goers, waste disposal is a major challenge.  We invited Assembly’s operations director, Nik Whybrew, to explain how the Bin Press helped process festival waste more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mac-Fab Bin Press

Firstly, Nik told us that the machine saved valuable time: “By compressing the waste and not having to refill bins as they were being emptied, or having to deal with the excess of waste that we have had in the past.”

And is it easy to use? “Yes, it’s very simple, and there are very few things to break or go wrong. We were also impressed with the simple safety features, making it virtually impossible for injuries to occur,” he added.

“We would recommend the machine for use at other large venues, particularly outdoor sites; it is so simple that it can sit in the rain without any trouble.”

What about the financial benefits of using a Bin Press? “We were able to reduce the number of pick-ups, hence reduce the cost of waste removal, as we are charged by quantity not weight,” reported Nik. “We feel that it was value for money.”

We asked Nik whether he’d order an additional Bin Press for next year’s festival. “If we had a need we would; however, most of our waste solution has been answered with this machine at our main collection point.

“Overall we were very impressed with the press; it was definitely a good purchase for us and fulfilled our requirements exactly as needed.”

Click here to see the Bin Press in action.

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