A complete set comprising tools, strapping and seals, only £64.95!!!

Not only handy, but money-saving: more than 10% cheaper than buying items individually!

Strapping Kit only £64.95



Strapping - or banding - is ideal for securing heavy or irregularly-shaped items to pallets, and can replace (or reduce the requirement for) pallet wrap.

It's also useful for bundling and collating goods and for adding strength to heavy boxes.






Our strapping starter kit gives you everything that you need:

1 Reel Black Polypropylene Strapping 12mm x 1500m 180kg b/s

strapping blackOur best-selling black pallet strap is ideal for most everyday applications. Apply with tensioning and sealing (crimping) tools, using 25mm seals, all included in this starter kit.

Strapping is supplied on a plastic spool, which can be mounted on a dispensing trolley (sold separately to this kit).
1 x Tensioner (with cutter)

Strapping TensionerNon-slip ratchet tensioner with cutter: pulls strapping tight around the parcel, bundle or pallet and cuts cleanly once the seal has been applied.

Suitable for strapping 12 - 19mm wide.

Comes complete with instruction leaflet!



1 x Sealer

Strapping SealerSealer for use with polypropylene strapping. Robustly built and simple to use: crimps semi-open strapping clips to create a tight seal.

Suitable for 12 x 28 and 12 x 32 seals as well as the 12 x 25mm seals supplied with this kit.



1,000 Seals 12mm x 25mm

Strapping SealSemi-open seals – also known as strapping clips or crimps – for securing 12mm polypropylene strapping.

These standard 12 x 25mm seals are ideal for most everyday applications.




And finally ... the starter kit will keep you going for quite a while, but when you need of more strapping or seals, just return to Agritel Online Packaging Supplies where we always have plenty in stock!