Lightweight but very strong, corded polyester tape outperforms the opposition: it’s stronger than polypropylene strapping and offers a viable alternative to steel wires for tying-off baled waste.

Corded polyester strapping - soft but very strongIn fact, we now recommend corded polyester tape for use with our waste baling machines: it offers good weather resistance without the risk of rusting, and it’s much kinder on the hands! It’s also perfect for strapping heavy or oddly-shaped goods to pallets, and for bundling long, heavy items.

Polyester tape: ideal for tying-off baled wasteWhat has this to do with Euro 2016? Not a lot, except that you can rely on our polyester tape to perform like a champion – and it’s made in Europe!

Our Match Day Special is 10% discount for any width of corded
polyester strap: choose from 9mm, 13mm or 19mm.

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Expired 15th July