How long’s a piece of string? In this case, more than 27 football pitches! Our traditional sisal baler twine comes in a pack of two reels which together are 8,000 feet long.

Traditional sisal twine - 27 football pitches long!

Our Match Day Special is a 5% discount on any quantity of sisal twine. While the majority of our customers use this traditional product for its intended purpose of baling hay or straw, many others find that it comes in handy for less obvious applications such as backwoodsman crafts where a natural, biodegradable twine is desirable … although we haven’t yet heard of anyone wanting to lace his football boots with it.

We know that many farmers, contractors and smallholders will be busy in the fields when they’d rather be watching Euro 2016, so our Match Day discount will help ease the pain!

Match Day Ticket: EUROSISAL (enter code at ‘View Basket’ to claim your discount)

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Expired 15th July