blogflowHoley stretchwrap is something that we’d usually seek to avoid; however, it does have its place! If you’re wrapping products that need to breathe – such as plants – or where the build-up of condensation could be a problem, there’s nothing better than a purpose-designed ventilated film.

Air-O-Film is a pre-stretched macroperforated wrap that’s strong but light: its high-performance formulation means that only the minimum amount of film need be applied to ensure that the load is properly secured. You use less material, reducing both cost and environmental impact; and, of course, it’s 100% recyclable.

Only the inner surface has tack, so the film sticks to itself – and to the goods that it’s covering – but the high-slip outer prevents wrapped pallets or trolleys sticking to one another during transportation. Unlike netting or inferior ventilated films, the tacky inner surface ensures that the end of the film doesn’t work loose during transportation creating an unsightly hazard when moving goods by forklift or pumptruck.

Hole size is important: if too small, air will not circulate; too large, and flowers may protrude.  The manufacturers of Air-O-Film have invested a lot of effort in getting this just right!

Best of all, from the user’s perspective, it’s very simple and efficient to apply.  The end of the roll is easy to find, the film is light to handle and offers a smooth, consistent application. When the pallet has been wrapped, the film can be torn by hand – no need for a knife! And, because the film has excellent clarity, wrapped goods are clearly visible.

Our regular customers for perforated film include nurseries, garden centres, vegetable producers and egg-packers, all of whom benefit from its practical advantages.

So, if you’re wrapping floricultural, plants, frozen, hotfill or food products where breathability or condensation are an issue, look no further than our Air-O-Film ventilated stretchwrap!