A can crusher supplied by Agritel has brought improvements to waste handling at Gatwick Airport.

All of the airport’s waste is processed by Biffa Integrated Resource Management Ltd at its Gatwick transfer station site.  Open all day every day, the site is small but, by necessity, extremely well-organised to prevent the build-up of the many waste streams. Anything that reduces the space required for storage and saves money is of interest to the team of 27 staff, led by Contracts Manager Harry Kemp and Transport Manager Tony Gillman.

Amongst the items passing through the station are many thousands of used 1-litre oil tins, which are placed in storage safes prior to disposal.  Keen to save space, Harry reasoned that if the cans were crushed, they could occupy as little as one tenth of their original volume; as a bonus, any residual oil could be collected during the crushing process for recycling.

A Google search revealed Agritel’s range of can and filter crusher and, after discussion, Harry brought a boot-load of cans to the company’s warehouse for a crush trial.  As a result, he opted for a MG15 TFL Oil Filter and Can Crusher: designed for oil filters and large, single cans, it is capable of crushing 24 of Harry’s 1-litre cans at a time.

After the machine was installed, it was found that the circular press plate allowed the occasional can to become trapped between the plate and the walls of the chamber, so Agritel arranged for a snug-fit square plate to be supplied to solve the problem. “The machine now works well, and has reduced the number of waste safes required from fourteen to only three,” says Harry.  “This has not only created space, but the waste oil recovery has generated extraordinary financial benefit, into the thousands of pounds!”

More labour is required to operate the system but this is outweighed by income from the sale of recovered oil.  The new regime has met with a positive response from the Environment Agency which has been involved from the early stages of the project, advising on all aspects of handling waste oil including the use of a bunded storage tank and operator platforms for safe transfer.

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