Siop Bwyd Corwen Cyf, a Bargain Booze outlet in Corwen, North Wales, has derived huge benefits from installing an Ag-mac V60 Waste Baler.

The store has been owned, managed and run for the last two-and-a-half years by husband-and-wife team Merle and Andrew Westbury and their children Kate and Matthew.

After 15 months’ trading, cardboard waste was becoming a problem.  Bargain Booze operates a collection service, picking up waste packaging when it delivers stock to its stores.  As the Westbury’s shop became busier, they found that cardboard awaiting collection – stacked loose or in metal cages – was occupying a large portion of one of their stock rooms.  Increasing sales and limited space prompted Merle to search on Google for a waste baler and, finding that Stan’s Superstore branches at St Martins and Llangollen had both purchased Ag-mac balers, led to her contacting Agritel.

Having installed the V60, the Westburys now crush waste packaging as it is generated, producing compact, manageable bales. Bargain Booze collects two or three bales of cardboard every week when delivering stock, and their drivers find it easier and quicker to pick up the baled waste which naturally takes up much less space than loose cardboard.

Apart from freeing-up space and saving time, the team has found additional benefits, as Andrew explains: “The baler allows us to tidy up as we go along; it removes a fire hazard posed by loose cardboard and that enables us to fulfil the necessary health and safety requirements.  The machine is now part of the family!”

“Buying a baler is certainly a cost consideration for any business, but we would never go back to being without one,” adds Merle.  “It isn’t easy to quantify the precise cost savings but we believe the labour and space saving alone will ensure that the machine pays for itself.  There is no costly maintenance associated with the machine and it’s safe enough that anyone can operate it.  Every retailer should have one!”

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